Marshall Debuts Next-Gen Major IV Wireless Headphones

Now featuring three full days of battery life and wireless charging capability.
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Marshall Mark IV (2)

Marshall's Major IV over-the-ear headphones deliver more than double the amount of playback over its predecessor while offering enhanced ergonomics and classic style from the British audio giant and guitar amp manufacturer. 

Marshall Mark IV (4)

The biggest improvement over the Major III is the battery life. Playback time is increased from 30 to 80-plus hours, which is more than three full days of non-stop tuneage. A 15-minute wired recharge yields 15 hours of playback in a pinch, or you can throw it on a wireless charger overnight. If you to go old-school, there's also a port that accepts a 3.5mm audio cable.

Marshall Mark IV (3)

Marshall also claims that the "ear cushions are softer and better shaped to the ear to "make the tenth hour as comfortable as the first." This statement could be addressing the fact that comfort was an issue in some reviews of the Marshall III, but whether any improvement has been made requires a side-by-side comparison.

Marshall Mark IV (5)

The multi-directional control knob is retained, giving users the ability to play, pause, skip and adjust the volume, as well as reject or end a call. The ear caps are still emblazoned with the "Marshall" signature logo, but their rugged black vinyl has a smoother texture. Marshall's custom-tuned dynamic drivers haven't changed, so expect the same rich, balanced sound across from the bass, mid-range and treble. 

Marshall Major IV (1)

The Major IV comes in as the most affordable Marshall over-the-hear headphones, which include the MID A.N.C. Monitor, and top-end Monitor II A.N.C., the brand's first-ever premium noise-canceling headphones. The latter pair costs $299.99, but the Major IV retail for $149