The New HTC One M8 Is a Suped-Up Smartphone

Don't hate it because it's beautiful. Buy it because it's fast.

It’s amazing how many premium smartphones feel cheap. Plastic backs, finicky touchscreens, and buggy software often conspire to have us counting down the days until our contracts expire. The HTC One M8 is different. It feels durable, runs dutifully. A shimmering single-piece aluminum shell shows off the care that went into its craft and begs you to grip it. And its insides sport the sorts of specs (including a 2.3 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor and a fantastic 5-inch screen), that let it rip through apps and media files with ease. It’s also the rare smartphone that offers more than one operating system choice—making it, for many customers, both the best Android and Windows phone on the market. [$99 w/ contract;]