This Rubber Band Minigun Fires 144 Shots in the Blink of an Eye

Rain rubber down on your co-workers at 200 shots per minute.
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Weaponized T-Rex Rubber Band Minigun (3)

A Minneapolis-based startup named Weaponized T-Rex may have crafted the ultimate instrument of office warfare: the Rubber Band Minigun.

The toy contraption is currently being funded via Kickstarter at an extraordinary clip. Since the campaign began on October 29, backers have already pledged over $37,000, well in-excess of the project's original $10,000 goal. 

A goofy launch video, which features a pair of costumed T-Rex workers that go rogue and wreak havoc at the company's "super up-to-date" factory, surely contributed to the product's viral success. 

Weaponized T-Rex Rubber Band Minigun (1)

As for design, it actually does function much like a real minigun...sort of. Operators press one trigger to rotate a drum via an electric motor, then press another trigger to empty its 140-shot load in full-auto at a max range of 30 feet. According to the video, it can be fully reloaded in five minutes. 

Weaponized T-Rex Rubber Band Minigun (2)

Those 12 "barrels," however, appear to just be wooden dowels that serve as anchor points for the stretched bands, and its 200 rounds-per-minute (RPM) capability is only a fraction of a real Gatling-style minigun's absurd 2,000-6,000 RPM variable rate of fire. 

Weaponized T-Rex Rubber Band Minigun (4)

Each is made from CNC-machined wood and comes fully assembled with either a stark wood or black acrylic finish. As Uncrate notes, and alternative "KIT" version requires users to put all 70 parts together over the course of a couple of hours.  

Weaponized T-Rex Rubber Band Minigun (1)

A number of pledge options are available. The least expensive is the Super Early Bird package, which comes with a disassembled wood-finished model, 500 rubber bands, and an estimated delivery date of February 2020. If you feel like raining rubber down on your coworkers, visit the Rubber Band Minigun's Kickstarter page to order one now.