With This Camera, Nothing Can Hide from You in the Dark

It sees heat signatures up to 500 feet away.

Seek Thermal’s durable new handheld Reveal thermal camera ($399) can help you see in the dark. And not just with its super bright integrated 300 lumen spotlight. The ironically more “illuminating” way is with the lights out. It’s able to detect heat ranging from -40 to 626 degrees Fahrenheit, up to 500 feet away. You can both see images on its high-res display and save them to a memory card.

Recreational uses might include seeing if your buddy’s beer needs refreshing from across the party, how warm the hot tub is or (as in the photo below) whether those sweater puppies staring you in the face are real or implants.

Of course, this best-in-class device also has a myriad of more practical uses for handymen, hunters and homeowners, as shown in this video:


Photos by Tim LeBeau, Seek Thermal