Behold the Volkswagen Bus-Shaped Cooler You Never Knew You Needed

This awesome ice chest honors VW's classic people carrier.
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Volkswagen Bus Cooler (1)

Despite an underwhelming 1.5-liter, four-cylinder boxer engine and an entirely utilitarian, people-carrying purpose, the Volkswagen Bus became a cultural icon of the hippie movement. That legendary status may explain why a cooler shaped like VW's iconic van has lately become a bonafide collector's item.

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Designboom spotted the auto-inspired ice chest, which is listed on Amazon by UK-based seller Board Masters. Crafted from "anti-rust" steel, it features an insulated eight-gallon reservoir that's accessible by a hinged and locking replica of the Bus' roof, a retractable handle that folds underneath the base of the van, and a period-correct VW chrome badge.

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Steerable rubber wheels—also adorned with steel VW hubcaps—provide maneuverability and smooth transportation on pavement, dirt and grass and other terrain. 

VW Bus Cooler (1)

Based on the two-tone paint job—as well as stamped impressions of side-mounted pivot doors and an abundance of windows—the cooler appears to be based on the Volkswagen Samba. This was the the most  luxurious variant of the Volkswagen T1 Bus—not to be confused with the Volkswagen Type 1 Beetle. 

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Unfortunately, this eye-catching cooler is currently sold out on Amazon. A price wasn't listed, either, but we'll keep our eyes peeled and let you know if this classic cooler is ever restocked.