The ‘Butt Luge’ is the Spring Break Craze That’s Too Gross For Its Own Good

Here’s a wild ass trend you can really get behind.
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Here’s a wild ass trend you can really get behind.

Spring break. It's nuts, right? A bunch of college kids get together on the beach with a ton of booze and what else is going to happen but insanity? Or to be precise, butt insanity.

We're talking about the butt luge.

The worst thing about the butt luge—aside from, you know, involving butts—is it's actually been around a while. Like, long enough to kind of become a tradition, apparently. 

It's enough of a tradition, in fact, that a much more appealing variation was invented: the boob luge.

Here's the thing: Today basically marks the beginning of peak spring break. The beaches of Orlando, Myrtle Beach, Panama City are going to host huge hordes of a new crop of college kids, many for the first time.

They need something to do, right?

There are probably worse ways to get in some sun and fun.

Just make sure everyone's had a shower first.