Watch This Poor Schmuck Fall and Break His Arm Trying to Impress a Hottie Flashing Her Panties

The thirst was a little too real.
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We've all done dumbass shit in the hopes of impressing a particularly attractive lady. Unfortunately for one overzealous man, his attempt to court a young woman left him with a gnarly-ass injury.

The short clip shows a smoking hot girl riding an escalator rail down on her front side as she playfully lifts up her skirt. This prompts a dude to attempt a similar feat, only on his back side, because guys will do just about anything if they think it will impress a girl.

Screenshot (1139)

He pulls it off... for about three seconds, until he suddenly loses his balance and falls what looks to be 10 or 15 feet. As if the fail wasn't already adequately embarrassing, the magic of slow motion video shows that he also snapped his arm like a pencil. 

Screenshot (1141)

Better luck next time, bro. 

h/t: Bro Bible