Pelican's EL22 Luggage Brings Toughness to the Overhead Bin

Make other peoples' rollerboards cower in fear.

For air travelers, hell is other people jamming their luggage into the overheads - on top of their fragile gear. Now you can freeze it over with the Pelican ProGear Elite Carry-On EL22, a case engineered with an almost neurotic amount of military-grade tech. The BA22 uses a double-walled, crush-proof design that can withstand up to 1,500 lbs. of pressure. To stave off luggage handler abuse, there are no zippers to jam or rip. Instead, it uses recessed locking latches adapted from cases used by first responders. Even better: a watertight rubber O-ring keeps the inside dry at all times. And there’s a built-in purge valve that automatically vents the interior to maintain equal pressure inside and out, preserving the waterproof seal.

We beat the case around, hauling it through rainstorms and dropping it down a rocky hillsides and everything inside remained in tact. The roller's wide retractable handle stows away flush with the case and the recessed latches prevent the hardware from getting damaged when shoved or bounced along even the roughest surfaces. A TSA-approved combination lock also ensures that should you be forced to submit your carry-on to the luggage compartment below, your gear will still be inside. [$545,]