Watch This Dude With a Goofy-Ass Smile Get Knocked the Hell Out By a Girl


Getting punched in the face by a girl always sucks, because you can't do a damn thing about it, even if she's drunk and is clearly trying to provoke you.

Knockout Promo

But for some reason, the knucklehead in the above video actually asked for his female friend to punch him square in the jaw, and was consequently put to sleep. Hey, at least he was already in bed!

Screenshot (2235)

As if it weren't already embarrassing enough, the goofy smile on this guy's face right after he shouts, "Do it!" makes him look exactly like Kenny from We're the Millers. 

Kenny We're the millers 2

Pro tip: If you're going to willingly let your someone take a free punch at your face, maybe consider asking them to dial back their power so they doesn't knock you the hell out.

h/t: Busted Coverage