BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster Is a Futuristic E-Bike With Classic Beemer Style

The makers of "The Ultimate Driving Machine" unleash an all-new electric bike.
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BMW's race towards an electrified future continues with an outrageous new e-bike that pays tribute to the brand's iconic "boxer "engine. 

It's almost as if BMW Motorrad, the German automaker's motorcycle branch, is trying to make the transition to gas-less power plants easier on stubborn gearheads with the Vision DC Roadster. 

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Yes, the concept bike is all-electric. But the batteries are vertically oriented and surrounded by cooling cooling elements that sit in the air stream. The design is meant to mimic the look of the 1923 BMW R32's two-cylinder layout.

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A cylindrical electric motor is positioned underneath the battery and directly connected to the universal shaft. All of these components are contained in aluminum-milled frame. 

Nothing concrete is mentioned regarding performance, other than that other lightweight materials like carbon fiber are used to "emphasize driving dynamics." 

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But it looks pretty rad. Red contrast accents adorn the battery, frame and cooling systems, the LED headlights are arranged in an innovative "U" Shape," and the flanks of the tires engineered exclusively for the the Vision DC Roadster each have five fluorescent elements each that light up on nighttime rides. 

BMW even came up with a concept for a futuristic riding suit equipped with magnets that attach to a strapless rucksack.

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No word on when Vision DC Roadster might go into production. For now, we'll just have to keep dreaming about seeing it in our garage alongside the Vision M Next hybrid supercar.  

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