Ford's Truck of the Future

The Ford Atlas Concept is coming to redefine the badass American pickup truck.
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The Ford Atlas Concept is coming to redefine the badass American pickup truck.

When we bumped into the Ford Atlas Concept on the floor of the Detroit Auto Show a few weeks back, it was love at first "Holy crap, look at this thing!" As Raj Nair, Ford group vice president, puts it, “The Ford Atlas Concept previews the innovations that will transform what people expect from their pickup.” What are these innovations? Let's start with the engine, a next-generation EcoBoost that will create leading fuel efficiency and capability. To increase functionality, multiple tie-down points are integrated within the cargo box walls and load floor, along with 110-volt electrical outlets in the cargo box to charge power tools (or, in our case, toy lightsabers). Inside, lightweight seating allows for extra legroom for rear passengers, and “floating” instrument pods and glove-friendly buttons keep all the electric doohickies (that's the technical term) totally usable. Most important of all, the thing just looks like a goddamn beast from every single angle. It will be a couple of years before you can buy one, unfortunately, so in the meantime, enjoy these just-released pics.

Spec Check:

Engine: Next-generation EcoBoost

Body: High-strength steel including boron

Cargo Cradle Weight Capacity: 500 pounds

Frame: 55,000-psi high-strength steel ladder frame

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