Porsche's Personalization Program Can Create Incredible Custom Supercars

The German marque's "Special Wish" program has made one-off machines for prestigious clients like Jerry Seinfeld.
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Porsche Sonderwunsch (4)

Porsche's Sonderwunsch (Special Wish) VIP program is now an official formal offering, giving deep-pocketed customers the chance to help make truly one-off machines. 

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Road and Track reports that Sonderwunsch has been operating in some capacity since the 1970s, creating specially-designed Porsches for high-rolling clients like Tag Group CEO Mansou Ojeh and Porsche-loving comedy legend Jerry Seinfeld. Under the expansion plans, Porsche's existing  Exclusiv Manufaktur and Classic divisions will collaborate on 1,000 cars with advanced color and trim options. 

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Additionally, no more than five one-of-one cars will get significant mechanical alterations annually. Buyers will work with Porsche for a year to hash out the technical details while paying a cool $100,000 in development costs before putting a cent toward actually bring their creation to fruition. Both classic and current cars are in the cards. 

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R&T was on a press call regarding Sonderwunsch and reports that Porsche reps were open to pretty wild suggestions, such as a Porsche 911 "Safari."

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Meanwhile, Porsche Classic will continue to stay strong, with over 60,000 spare parts for discontinued rides and a repair shop tha can restore all cars prior to the 996-gen 911, Boxster Type 986 and the Carrera GT. 

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And prepare to feel old, because Porsche Classic's division now includes the first-gen Cayenne, nearly 20 years after the super-SUV debuted.