The Tarform 'Luna' Motorcycle Is An Electric Cafe Racer

The retro-styled bike is brimming with modern tech and sustainably-made materials.
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Tarform Luna (7)

Brooklyn-based startup Tarform is re-launching its striking "Luna" electric motorcycle built with sustainable materials, 3D-printed parts and retro cafe racer style. 

The first models was supposed to arrive in late-2019 following an initial reveal in 2018, but ambitious technological goals forced production back to present day. Now the Luna's full specs and pricing details have been announced. 

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New Atlas reports that power comes from a 55-horsepower PMAC electric motor that runs off of a 10 kWh lithium ion battery pack with an integrated 3.3-kW charger and a regenerative braking system. The Luna will hit 60 mph in 3.8 seconds, top out at 95 mph, and go for 120 miles on a single charge. 

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Performance, while ample, isn't groundbreaking, especially when compared to competitors like the Zero SR/S or even the Harley-Davidson LiveWire. But neither of those e-bikes have 3D-printed components made from recyclable materials, a hand-formed aluminum body, or a "vegan leather" seat pad. The Luna's platform also allows owners to upgrade components from Tarform as they become available. 

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The Luna's other big selling point is on-board tech. Integrated sensors and AI to help keep the rider better informed on the road by sending vibrations through the seat, while a rear-facing camera replaces traditional side mirrors. 

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There’s also app integration within the bike itself, allowing for notifications of charging, stats and scheduled maintenance right on your phone, as well as a "Sonic Aura Acoustic Sound System" that promises to improve  riders' awareness of pedestrians. 

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Priced at a steep $24,000, the Tarform Luna is definitely aimed at well-heeled riders who want a futuristic motorcycling experience. Note that the model pictured here is the one-of-54 Founders Edition, which features an Ohlins front and rear suspension, performance brakes, and an undisclosed price. 

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The Tarform Luna can be reserved for $500 before the first deliveries are made in 2021.