UFC Fighter Cat Zingano Wants a Piece of WWE Champ Sasha Banks

Don't we all...
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Professional wrestlers and UFC fighters might not compete in the same sport, but they exist in the same world and every so often that leads to some trash talk between fighter and performer. It’s always amusing, and occasionally it’s even kind of sexy.

Like Tuesday, when UFC women’s bantamweight fighter Cat Zingano challenged WWE women’s champion Sasha Banks to throw down. The whole thing happened on Twitter after Banks tweeted about her Hell in a Cell match.

Zingano is singing a familiar tune here. When she says Banks can join her for some “realness,” she’s taking a shot at the lack of authenticity in pro wrestling. It might be a played out jab but it's a smart move for a fighter who’s coming off two consecutive losses in the UFC.

Zingano goes after a big WWE star, riles up wrestling fans and get bloggers to post about the whole thing. Zingano’s fight career may be on the downswing, but she’s clearly been boning up on self-promotion. Maybe she has a future in the WWE.