This Tesla Cybertruck-Inspired Watch Both Trolls and Honors Elon Musk's Pickup

The watch's display is "non-bulletproof."
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Anicorn Cybertime (5)

Though the Tesla Cybertruck won't arrive until 2021, Anicorn is already working on a futuristic watch inspired by the electric pickup's style, much like other crossover timepieces that salute the Nissan GT-R, Ferrari and Aston Martin.

Anicorn Cybertime (7)

The Hong Kong-based company is currently crowdfunding its Cybertime concept inspired by Tesla CEO Elon Musk's latest EV "and its memes." For example, a limited edition "non-bulletproof" version, of which only 50 will be produced, features a face with two areas of starred shattered glass in reference to the failed demonstration of bulletproof windows that unfolded at the Cybertruck's official unveiling

Anicorn Cybertime (1)

The watch's stainless steel case also has the same polygonal shape and metal-finished look of the futuristic pickup. The display is activated by the tap of a finger, revealing time and date presented vertically from top to bottom. Other features include a battery with a one-year life, 3ATM water resistance, and a 20mm-wide black stainless steel bracelet. 

Anicorn Cybertime (8)

The Cybertime is only inspired by the Cybertruck, much like the bunker-esque "Cyberhouse" conjured by architects at Russia's Modern House. These concepts join Tesla-approved Cybertruck add-ons like these trailer and camping setups, as well as the  "Cyberquad" electric ATV that's been confirmed by Musk himself. 

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You can help bring the Anicorn Cybertime to fruition by making a $250 preorder/pledge here. If the watchmaker hits its $12,500 goal, the first examples will arrive in late 2020 with a $280 price tag.