The Botta Design Uno Does It One-Handed

Simpler is sometimes better.

You own a glass and steel Mies Van der Rohe that’s furnished with Alvar Aalto chairs and an Eero Saarinen table. Your closet is full of Prada. You consider Donald Judd a hero. You’ve made minimal your MO, and you’re not looking to complicate your life, much less your look. Time to pick up the new Design Uno from Botta, a watch that doesn’t pride itself on complications

With its one hand and 24-hour face, the Uno is a simple beauty. This is remarkable because it forces you to reconsider how you break up your day. The hand does exactly one revolution every 24 hours, so the day unfurls in a single slow spin. Time becomes transparent.

The Uno’s case is steel and comes in either black or grey, like the straps. It’s waterproof but thin because form is nothing without function. It’s graceful and it’s easy and that’s all it is because it doesn’t need to be anything else.