Starter Brings Back Satin, the Nineties

When fashion met football, an iconic look was born.

The fastest way to get mugged in the early nineties was to pull on a satin Starter jacket. The shined-up, button-down coats - also available in a pullover style - broadcast not only team and regional allegiance (think: the Raiders jacket Run-DMC’s Darryl McDaniels didn’t take off for a decade) but a very specific type of highly coveted cool. These were not just officially licensed NFL toss-offs. These were the spot were fashion, hip-hop and sports met, a representation of the cultural insurgency that has made an agent out of Jay-Z and a fashion plate out of Lebron. And now they’re back. The relaunch, pulled off with the help of former Giants linebacker Carl Banks, now the CEO of G-III sports, began last year and is just now getting momentum (no one wanted to be wearing franchise gear at the beginning of the scandal-filled season). The look is retro, but the sentiment is modern. And you might not get mugged. [$80;]