Wake Up Next to the World's Biggest, Most Dangerous Tigers at This Totally Insane Resort

You scared bro?
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A British hotel lets you wake up in the company of the world's largest and most dangerous cats without breaking a sweat.

Located on the Port Lympne Reserve in Kent, England, the Tiger Lodge offers face-to-face encounters with these apex predators along with 30-mile views of the vast nature preserve from a private balcony. 


Two cozy-but-stylish bedrooms accommodate for up to four guests. Creature comforts include a 4K TV, contemporary furnishings and wood-burning fireplace. 


If the resident felines are taking a cat nap, you can venture out on your personal golf cart to explore 600 acres home to 700 animal species. 

Tigers aren't your thing? Check the Port Lympne Reserve's Rhino, Giraffe and Bear Lodges. 

Rhino Lodge
Giraffe Lodge

Book you wild stay at the Tiger Lodge for $1,120 a night. 

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