Batman Is Here To Save Your Children!

Or at least keep them comfortable on long car journeys.

Or at least keep them comfortable on long car journeys.


If a parent wants to keep a kid safe, some people feel it's best to leave the child in the temporary care of its grandparents. Others choose to go with a professional babysitter. Us? We prefer to go with Batman, because frankly, Batman could kick your babysitter's ass with both hands tied behind his back and his feet stuck in 2' of Joker-brand instant cement. That's why, when we spotted this post from the guys over at the always-awesome Comics Alliance, we couldn't help but share. That's right: this is a kids' car seat shaped like Batman, complete with a wrap-around cape, cup-holder hands, and a look of stern concentration that will probably match exactly the face of a toddler that's busy crapping its pants. It's a little pricey at $149, but hey - you can't put a price on a child's life. And you definitely cannot put a price on Batman, because he would beat you so hard for that.

"But wait," you're probably thinking right now. "That's great and all, and you guys are super-awesome for helping to bring this to my attention, and we should probably be best friends and hang out and maybe I should give you guys some money, while I'm at it," (there is a chance you may not be thinking this exactly, but for now, just go with it), "But what if I want Batman to protect my child in a non-automobile scenario?" Well, buddy, we have got you covered. Want to protect the little fella from a sudden rain shower? Try this adorable Bat-raincoat, complete with matching boots and umbrella! Worried the little tyke won't sleep soundly without a little Bat-assistance? Let the Dark Knight take him for a naptime spin! Run out of diapers? Relax - Batman's got that shit covered. Literally.


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