Ashley Graham Wants to See Plus-Size Models on the Victoria's Secret Runway

"When Victoria's Secret calls me, I'm gonna say yes."

TMZ recently caught up with the gorgeous Ashley Graham to get her opinion on the Victoria's Secret fashion show. When asked about whether the show should feature plus-size beauties like herself, she had a brilliantly bold response.

"When Victoria's Secret calls me and asks me to be on their runway, I'm gonna say yes. Victoria's Secret, I'm here for you." 

"When," not " if." You've got to love that confidence. And although they've made tweaks to the lingerie showcase over the years, we're curious as to how long it will take Victoria's Secret to come around to the blooming plus-size trend.

All we know for certain is that we'd definitely love to see this beautiful Maxim cover girl strut her stuff on the Victoria's Secret catwalk.