The Internet Is Going Bonkers Over This Argentinian Model Kissing Her Son on the Mouth

Where do you stand on #tonguegate?
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An Argentinian model has sparked Internet outrage after sticking her tongue where some say it doesn't belong—in her son's mouth.

In the video, which was posted to Instagram, 31-year-old Belen Rodriguez playfully licks her son's mouth, potentially removing some whipped cream, before wiping dabs of cream on her son's face, much to his amusement.

The video appears to be cute and innocent (it's not like she went full-on Alicia Silverstone), but keyboard warriors are nonetheless outraged, decrying it was an "erotic gesture."

"You just have to feel ashamed!" one griped. "You are disgusting," said another.

Still, many rushed to the stunner's defense, saying it was just a harmless mother-child lick. "I do the same with my daughter and I don't see that is perverted" wrote one commenter.

For her part, Belen appears unfazed. There is even another mildly suggestive post, captioned "I want more!" in Spanish.

Perhaps people detect an erotic undertone to the video simply because Rodriguez is just so damn sexy, which would be wildly unfair to her. 

See what we mean, below: