Watch Britney Spears Shoot Hoops In a Sports Bra, Because You Deserve It

She's a fitness inspiration to us all.

Britney Spears found fame long before "social media" was even invented, but she sure know hows to curate a sexy Instagram feed. 

In the latest of her unnervingly hot workout clips, Brit shows off some impressive free throw skills--and even attempts some between-the-leg passes--in a green sports bra and tiny shorts. 

The 35-year-old fitness fanatic, who played basketball 20 years ago at Parklane Academy in Mississippi, has always had game. Some longtime fans may even remember the time Spears showed off her hoop skills on a 2004 episode of Ellen below. 

Meanwhile, back in 2017, the pop queen has kept busy dropping fitness-themed Instagram clips on the reg.

Here she pounding out an ab workout to James Brown's "I Feel Good." 

And some some lunge-type deals while holding some kind of log.

The bombshell beauty has also taken to showing off her gym-toned bod in an array of short dresses in this impromptu fashion show. 

Keep 'em coming, Brit!