Meet 'Farm Girl Jen', The 50-Year-Old YouTube Star Whose Sexy Videos Are Burning Up the Internet

This fitness-obsessed North Carolina mom puts younger hotties to shame...
Farm Girl Jen Promo.png

Looking at Jennifer King, you'd never guess that she's a North Carolina farm girl-turned-YouTube sensation who just turned 50.

But her outdoorsy clips have brought the mom-of-two a pretty insane amount of internet fame since she and her husband began posting videos of her doing a variety of down-home activities—often in a bikini— back in 2012. Her channel, Banshee Moon, has since amassed more than 150,000 subscribers and makes the couple over $100,000 a year. Not too shabby!

Her countrified clips routinely bring in millions of views—you can see why in the compilation above. But what's really astonishing about King's story is that according to the Daily Mail, this impossibly fit farmer didn't even start seriously weight lifting until eight years ago.

"I did some weight lifting starting in my mid-late twenties but didn't get serious about the weights until just about eight years ago," she tells the Mail. "I started doing CrossFit where we did a lot of Olympic lifting, and then about four years ago I added a strength program to my regimen."

But on social media, she's definitely not all-work and no-play. When King isn't busy busting out crunches, squats and pull-ups or shooting for her next video, she'll take the time to post a shot to Instagram of herself enjoying one of her other apparent passions. It usually has something to do with guns, cars, beer or fishing... 

We can't help but admire what this determined 50-year-old has managed to accomplish, not toe mention her shockingly chiseled bod. Just look at her: 

Best of all, she's able to maintain a sense of humility regarding internet fame and good fortune. 

"Getting old and dying are natural stages of life but I like to think that I am doing it on my terms for as long as possible and with as much grace and dignity as I can muster," she says.

Keep up the good work, Jen.