Joel Embiid Creeps On Sizzling Instababe Bianca Ghezzi's Livestream, Asks to See Her Feet

The Philadelphia 76er didn't care who saw it, either.
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For any other guy this sort of thirsty behavior might be kind of pitiful. But let's admit it: an NBA player like the 76ers' Joel Embiid might just have a head start on trying to pick up incredibly hot Instagram model (and Johnny Manziel consoler) Bianca Ghezzi. Even if the whole "feet" thing is maybe a little too revealing about what the 7'0" center is into. 

It's not like Embiid is worried about his game with stunners, either, given he was quick-witted enough to own ex-porn star Mia Khalifa—something that's pretty tough to do with such a smart and sharp-tongued hottie. 

Still, it was a surprise to see someone caught Embiid creeping on Ghezzi's Insta in such a bold way where any old basketball fan could spot him and his verified checkmark. 

Get a good look at some shots from the smoking Bianca's Instagram below and if you're an Embiid fan, hope she really does pluck him out of that boring old friend zone soon. It's pretty easy to see why she might make even a superstar athlete totally lose his chill.

h/t Brobible