It's Monday. Start Your Week Off Right With Hawaiian Beauty Jojo Dela Cruz

This Instababe is definitely part of a balanced breakfast.
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Let's face it: A balanced breakfast, while the most essential meal of the day, is total bullshit. Toast, fruit, perhaps some eggs or cottage cheese — there's nothing exciting about eating what's good for you. 

That's where Jojo Dela Cruz and her delicious Fruit Loops come in.

In an eye-poppingly vivid photo for Arsenic, the 24-year-old Hawaii-based stunner poses in a tub of milk and Fruit Loops in what has to be the sexiest cereal bowl we've ever seen. 

Born in Saipan and of Spanish, Japanese, Filipino and Chamorron descent, Dela Cruz says she got her start modeling at the age of 18 "because of her hair," which went down to her knees and made her the perfect subject for a local mural. Since then, she's grown a devoted following of 145,000 on Instagram — and we can absolutely see why.

Honestly, forget Breakfast at Tiffany's — we'll take a balanced breakfast at JoJo's any day.

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