Meet the YouTube Star Who Says She'll Release a Sex Tape If She Hits 1 Million Followers

Let's help her get there.
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Let's help her get there.

In a world where every hot girl is jockeying for more followers, YouTuber Lena Nersesian is prepared to go the extra mile.

Operating under the monicker "Lena the Plug," Nersesian has promised she will release a sex tape if she hits that coveted one million follower benchmark. She is already at over 910,000, so spread the good word.

Explicit videos purporting to be Lena Nersesian's sex tape already exist, but we're still holding out for her to hit one million so we know they're the genuine article.

She later defended her sex tape announcement, saying she's not desperate for "fame" but that she and her boyfriend are just more sexually open that most. Sure...

It's just one of her many web antics that have scandalized the vlogging community. Earlier this year, Lena explained why she let her best friend have a threesome with her and her boyfriend: she simply wanted to "share" her man's penis with her BFF.

"Girls and guys share their sexual stories with each other. Friends tell each other everything," Lena explained. "I tell her everything, and now I don't have to tell her."

"She can just try his penis." 

She's also used YouTube to reveal which rappers she'd like to bone...

Wrecked a car...

Cooked in her underwear...

Showed off her modeling poses...

And answered some of our most burning questions...

Likewise, her Instagram is already setting new social-media standards for sexiness. She's gone topless but also bottomless. Did we mention that she hails from an Armenian family in L.A., you know, just like the Kardashians? Just putting it out there. 

Lena the Plug is truly one to follow. For more, visit her fiery Instagram or racy YouTube channel. Just be prepared to prove you're 18 to view any of her videos.