Go 'Behind' the Scenes of this NSFW Australian Calendar  Chock-Full of Bikini Babes

G'day indeed.
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Australians lay claim to some of the most stunning landscapes on earth. But by the bountiful backsides on display in the 2017 Mad Hueys calendar, their breathtaking topography doesn't stop at coral reefs and the Outback.

Taking us into the making of their annual pinup calendar, the folks at Mad Hueys captured the endless curves of some of the hottest bikini babes Down Under. This calendar, as opposed to the tasteful portraits of America's Pirelli calendar, shoots these models in the wild, getting cheeky on gold-sand beaches and mounting turbo-charged jet skis

Mad Hueys

Mad Hueys

If you've managed to cool off (splash yourself with some water if you haven't), revisit last year's similarly scorching calendar shoot.

h/t InsideHook