Pop Princess Meghan Trainor Reveals That She 'Never Really Felt Sexy With Guys Before'

The 'All About That Bass' singer opens up about her sexuality, poses for stunning pics.
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(Photo: YouTube)

(Photo: YouTube)

Body-positive hitmaker Meghan Trainor appears on the May 2017 cover of Cosmopolitan magazine, alongside a headline that reads "OMG SEX!"

So one would expect her accompanying interview would be all about how hot she's feeling these days and giving readers her best bedroom advice. Not exactly.

The voluptuous  "All About That Bass" revealed feeling sexy has been a difficult road. In fact, she told Cosmo, "I never really felt sexy with guys before."

"No one expressed how they liked my body out loud in the bedroom until I met Daryl [my boyfriend]."

"He is obsessed with it — every inch. And that has improved my confidence more than even 'Bass' did."

All those likes on her sexiest Instagram shots can't hurt either. See what we mean, below.