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Iichiko Silhouette

Skip the raw fish and head straight for the Shochu.

Brand: Iichiko

If you're anything like us, you've been dragged to hoity toity sushi bars where you're force-fed tuna and handed a hot towel, which you inevitably use to wash something other than your hands, making everyone in the joint uncomfortable.

Well, thanks to Iichiko, these trips will be a whole lot more bearable.

Japan's best-selling Shochu - the distilled version of Sake - is the perfect drink to sip or shoot (we, of course, prefer shooting), and is bound to make your night more interesting. The 50 proof alcohol is distilled from barley and tastes so smooth, people will think you're drinking water (note, this makes a great way to get secretly drunk at work). So bring on the rice and raw fish, cause we've come prepared.

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