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Who Likes Short Shorts?

People on Spring Break like short shorts! Don’t forget your Original Penguin swim trunks.

Photograph courtesy of Original Penguin

What it is: Original Penguin swim trunks, $69

Why we like it: It’s that time of year to get the hell out of town and head to a warm destination, where the only classes in session are those covering the ways to do the perfect tequila shot or how to get an excellent tan.  While sporting a shirt might be optional in some places, for God’s sake, you’ve got to wear something down below! Please cover yourself with a pair of clever swim trunks by Original Penguin, that come in a range of colors and designs that we’d much rather look at than your, well, you know what. 

Where to get it:

The Zombie of Hoodies
Danielle "Topanga" Fishel

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