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Granted, Dr. Peter Venkman is already pretty much a superhero (He saved New York City! Twice!), but Murray was actually in the running to play Batman in the late '80s when Tim Burton was first kicking the project around. (Which would have made for a much different – and far more awesome? – movie.) He may be a bit long in the tooth these days, but slap some spandex on him? We'll take seconds.

Everyone knows it's the hair that makes the hero. Plus, he's already proven to be practically indestructible in "Pineapple Express."

She won NBC's "Last Comic Standing" and has apparently dealt with a lot of people calling her out for winning based on her hotness alone. Honestly, we don't care. She's smokin', and all that "overcoming adversity" crap makes for a quality superheroine. Hell, we'd love to hear her crack wise about a skintight costume.

He’d have a tough time pulling off the mild-mannered civilian identity bit (seriously, Tom Haverford on "Parks and Recreation" is the most un-mild-mannered character we’ve ever seen), but it would be pretty awesome if his cousin (and frequent butt of jokes) Harris appeared as his sidekick.

Because "Green Man: The Movie" is long overdue.

A real-life comic geek (he and Bill Hader even wrote a Spider-Man issue), Meyers has that wholesome, All-American look working in his favor, but he needs to hit the gym. Right now it looks like he could very easily get his ass kicked.

Yeah yeah yeah, he got the Oscar nod for some dramatic something or other, but Reilly’s comic timing is more precise than a Swiss watch being sliced with a Ginzu. We’re confident he could combine the gravitas with some Dr. Steve Brule-isms to create something a hell of a lot funnier than his pal William H. Macy in "Mystery Men."

We’re picturing him as a Professor X type, leading a ragtag bunch of freaks. So it would pretty much be like the fourth season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

We want to see him AS Burt Reynolds AS a superhero. (With a cool car, natch.) Will Ferrell as Alex Trebek as a supervillain would just be gravy.

Rest in peace Jim, but we’re still upset that we never got our “Super-Ernest” movie. We blame Verne.

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