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Maxim's Best Bits [2/25 - 3/1]

It's Friday, which means we're wading through our own sea of bullshit so you don't have to. Here are some of our top posts from the week of February 25th through March 1st.


Photographed for Maxim by James Macari | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

Girls With Many Tongues
By which we mean, they speak multiple languages. Get your head out of the gutter, man.

What Do Girls Like About Porn?
Everything! Well, ok, just some things. But here's what 9 real women told us about their porn viewing habits.

10 Things We Want the PS4 to Have
From a console that ships with a game (for once), to a console that makes actual pancakes, because, obviously.

Don't Look Directly Into These New NCAA Basketball Jerseys
Unless you want to go blind, in which case, by all means...

Our Mornings Are Sexy!
You're gonna want to make sure you're alone in a comfortable chair before tucking into these videos.

This Bar Mitzvah Rap Video Will Make You Challah!
Get it?! "Challah," like the bread, but also like "Holla!"? No? Nevermind. But still, this 12-year-old's star-studded rap about his forthcoming Bar Mitzvah is PIMP.

How Much for That Sex Robot in the Window?
The guys from Oddities show us the weirdest shit on their shelves in this Maxim original video.

Girls Whose Clothes Are Too Big
"Oh no, we hope it's not too late to return that sweater that is literally falling off your hot body! Just kidding - don't ever change."

Last Week's Best Bits
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