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Our man hit the Left Coast for the ultimate nerd pilgrimage. Here’s what he saw.

Our man hit the Left Coast for the ultimate nerd pilgrimage. Here’s what he saw.-

The floor is somewhat of a pissing contest to see who can put up the most insane exhibit. For one, The Walking Dead allowed you to walk through the zombie-infested prison.

Legendary Pictures made a bid for the top though, when they walked us through a life-sized Tokyo street (and Godzilla museum, featuring this foam suit that a very sweaty Japanese actor actually wore) en route to an encounter with the new iteration of Godzilla.

“I’m your mother, you listen to me. You said you wanted to be a robot, now you have to be a robot all day. I slaved over these cardboard boxes for hours. Now hurry up, the X-Files panel is starting.”

These superheroes of waiting in line were super-pumped for the free app from Chili’s they were handed. Hey, even “Whatever these people are dressed up as” need to eat.

This fellow is about 300 times less excited to ride a raptor as we would be. Even a papier-mâché one.

Chris Parnell and Aisha Tyler look alternately handsome and beautiful, while their friend just looks confused.

Did the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man wear Teva sandals in that movie?

The Predator is looking considerably less scary than his co-star in the new movie, 100-year-old Arnie.

We even ran into the lovely Aja Dang (and some of San Diego’s finest).

Aja got precious with Gollum.

And then perished at the hands of Bane. Goodbye, Aja.

And then of course, there were hot cosplayers.

And more hot cosplayers.

Aaaand more hot cosplayers.

There were a lot of hot cosplayers, is what we're saying here.

And then there were some terrifying cosplayers. Because of course there were.

Zombies, Booth Babes, and GODZILLA! Day One at Comic Con 2013 In San Diego.

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