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<a href="" target="_blank">Oxo Good Grips French Press</a>- Forget K-Cups: Coffee connoisseurs know that if you want to wring every iota of flavor out of the bean, you gotta use a French press. But, man, does the cleanup suck. The Oxo Good Grips French Press has a liftable ladle that allows you to easily scoop out used grinds post-press. Like a boss.

<a href="" target="_blank">Small Batch Brews</a>- Three years ago Matthew Barbee moved to a farm in Ohio, where the water happens to be perfect for Belgian-style beers. The result: Rockmill Brewery's five incredible small-batch brews, each with unique flavors. Pick 'em up in Ohio, or contact Rockmill directly to get some.

<a href="" target="_blank">The Spirit of Antarctica</a>- In 2010 some Indiana Jones types dug up one of teh most important discoveries in years: whiskey! Yep, it turns out some had been sitting in Antarctica for over 100 years -- the only known remains of a long-lost recipe. The limited-run Mackinlay's Shackleton Rare Old Highland Malt Whisky is a clone of this ancient elixir, re-created by a master distiller from samples of the dusty drink. Tastes ancient... and delicious!

<a href="" target="_blank">Hermetus Bottle Opener and Resealer</a>- Everyone’s got a trick for cracking open a foreign brew - a bottle opener, a lighter, another bottle, your teeth - but tell a frat boy you want to seal it back up and you’ll see more head scratching than a kindergarten class with lice. Put an end to the waste of a half drunk 40oz with this opener AND resealer that’ll keep your beer foamy in case your boot and rally ends after the boot. Might also help avoid those “open container” charges.

<a href="" target="_blank">Remy Martin V</a>- The House of Remy Martin has gone all 1980s Pepsi on us by making their new cognac clear. Remy Martin V is the first clear distilled grape spirit from the brand: It boasts a hint of pear with traces of mint, which would be an odd thing to boast about if it was a person, but for a drink, it’s perfectly acceptable.

<a href="" target="_blank">Lego Ice Bricks Tray</a>- Scare your nephew by chomping on what looks like his toys! Or better yet, throw a few Lego ice brick cubes into a drink and call it a Legocktail.

<a href="" target="_blank">Rock N Roll BBQ Fork</a>- Does the sign of the horns really ward off evil spirits? Does it suggest you like heavy metal? Has it become pointlessly ironic? Dude, who cares? You can spear your freakin’ steak with it and, if the food is truly delicious, watch your guests bow down to the 17.5 inch stainless steel fork (no, that wasn’t a euphemism).

<a href="" target="_blank">Meatball Bubblegum</a> - It’s the best of both worlds: meat and gum. Inside the cheap-looking, quasi-Italian-themed box are 21 7/8" meatball-shaped, bubble gum-flavored gumballs. Plant some in your buddy’s pasta and watch hilarity ensue (and by “hilarity” we mean “some kind of dreadful, tragic choking incident”).

<a href="" target="_blank">My Last Supper: The Next Course: 50 More Great Chefs and Their Final Meals: Portraits, Interviews, and Recipes</a> - What would you eat on your last day on Earth? Top chefs like Emeril Lagasse, Grant Achatz, Joël Robuchon, and David Chang answer the question in this follow-up to the successful coffee-table book of 2007. The correct answer, of course, is “anti-death tablets”.

<a href="" target="_blank">Grow Your Own Coffee</a>- Shelf those plans to grow a basil plant and try growing something more useful and delicious - like coffee! This grow-your-own coffee set comes in its own greenhouse (it’s the packaging!) so you can get your java fix and be good to the earth. And then watch your cat eat the plant and go completely insane for seventeen straight hours.

<a href="" target="_blank">Compass Box Great King Street Blended Whisky</a> - Spiritmaker John Glaser has amassed a cult following of spirits snobs who wait with bated whisky breath to see what he’s gonna make next. This season—surprise!—it’s a blend, not a single malt. Great King Street, aged in French Oak, is fruity, oaky, spicy, vanilla-y and not too pricey.
Approx $40

<a href="" target="_blank">Sliced Jamon Ibérico de Bellota</a>- Bacon jumped the shark last year. It’s still good, but not as blissfully complex—sweet and salty and more—as good ham. This stuff comes from highly coveted “pata negra” acorn-fed pigs raised in Spain and is cured for two years. For gourmands with deep pockets and salty, salty porcine dreams.
$54 for 4 ounces

<a href="" target="_blank">Presso Espresso Machine</a>- We’ve all had a moment at Starbucks where putting a fist through a barrista’s face would be more satisfying than the coffee they were serving you. Cut down on your exposure to the pompous caffeine gatekeepers with the Presso Espresso machine and, even better, do it without taking up one of your precious kitchen outlets, because this baby only uses espresso grinds, hot water and your bicep muscles (they’re the ones behind your knees, right?) Now, when your Doc is wondering why you have tennis elbow despite never having picked up a racket, you can say you were making coffee.

<a href="" target="_blank">Donut Coffee Mug</a>- A mug after Homer Simpson's own heart (and likely heart-attack) will light up any donut-lover's life which, realistically, probably would need “lightening”. This is a mug that looks cool no matter how bad the coffee tastes, which is a small but nice comfort when the joe at your office tastes like burnt crap.

<a href="" target="_blank">Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters</a>- Real guys don’t make gingerbread men… they make Ninjabread Men! Actually, real guys don’t do either, but you see our point. With these cookie cutters that come in three different warrior stances from Fred & Friends, your kitchen can become your dojo as you dole out harsh karate justice to delicious sweet treats while listening to country and western and weeping softly into the vegetable crisper.
about $10

2011 Holiday Gift Guide: Food and Drink