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How To Eat After Midnight

Mikey Roe, host of Feed the Beast—a show about finding late-night chow—says the best meals happen after bedtime.
Get Grabby
“I let the people be my guide when I go to a new city. Just grab someone at two o’clock in the morning and say, ‘Where do I eat right now?’ ”
Don’t Fear a Dump
“Some places are old, but old doesn’t mean bad. Old means better flavor. Old means they know what the fuck they’re doing.”

Feel the Burn
“Spicy wakes you up if you need an ‘oomph’ or had too much to drink.”
Let Food Be Your Wingman
“If you’re with a girl, take her to get food. It can be your one last-ditch effort to get laid.”
Feed the Beast airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on the Travel Channel.

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