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8 Amazing Drag Race Videos

Let's face it, driving cautiously in a straight line is boring. But, lay on the throttle with tire-screeching excess while fire shoots out your tailpipe as you stare at the sky mid-massive wheelie, and then.... well, then it's pretty awesome.

Check out our favorite insane speed and spectacle videos of straight-line racing.


8. How awesome would it be if this guy was your school bus driver?



7. American muscle vs. Italian exotic. Chant with us: "U.S.A! U.S.A!"



6. This is a four-wide, jet-turbine car drag race. And it is awesome.



5. "OK, who forgot to attach my wheels to the car?"



4. That's right, you can drag race snowmobiles at over 150 mph. Consider us fans.



3. Greatest. Wheelie. Ever. (Side note to driver: Invest in wheelie bars.)



2. Ever wonder what a million-dollar, five-supercar drag race looks like? Somebody did.



1. Bugatti Veyron Vs. McLaren F1 Drag Race. It is epic.







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