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Potato-Based Superheroes

Get ready for the Mr. Potato Head/Marvel superhero...wait, surely there must be some other way to say "mash up"?

Hasbro annonced today that they'll be making Marvel versions of their classic Mr. Potato Head figure, because - reasons, we guess? Screw it, we don't need an explanation, we'd buy every one of these and then clamor for more. The figures of Thor and Wolverine are going to be available from this summer (Iron Man, while included in the announcement, has actually been available in spud form for a while, along with other popular crime-fighter and noted wall-appreciater Spider-Man), which means you've got plenty of time to save up your allowance. And if you really can't wait, there's always their line of DC heroes, complete with multiple Batmans (Batmen? What's the plural of Batman? WE NEED ANSWERS, DC).

In the meantime, it seems like a good idea to think up a few more comics characters that we'd like to see get the Mr. Potato Head treatment (we mean a likeness, not the ability to swap their facial features. That...that'd be awful). Hasbro, if you're reading this, get to it!

- Booster Yukon Gold

- Captain Americarbs

- The Mash

- Namor The Spud-Mariner

- Fryerstorm

- Martian Yamhunter

...okay, we'll stop now.


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