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Calling All Gearheads: April Rose Needs You!

Gears of War: Judgment is here, and the Coalition of Ordered Governments—and your favorite April—needs you!

Sorry, April Rose won’t be following you into battle on this killer custom GoW trike, but Judgment’s all-new story is still a gun-toting, chain-sawing bloody good time. The fourth edition of the sci-fi series about mankind’s struggle to defeat the evil Locust Horde introduces the Mission Declassification System, a feature that lets gamers jingle their brass balls harder, turning up the difficulty on each mission by adding new objectives for bigger rewards. Judgment also boasts more multiplayer options and comes packed with a slew of new levels, adding never-before-seen verticality to the battlefield. Watching the COG soldier you’re manning jump from a window to trample the opposition is the kind of beauty ballerinas can only dream of achieving.