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Hottest Video Game Vixens

Former G4 host and two-time Maxim cover model Olivia Munn rounds up the sexiest girls to be found in game-land. If you're a girl who plays Super Mario Kart and Halo like it's your job, enter the search for the MAXIM GAMER GIRL!


Isabelle DuFontaine (Call of Duty 3
“A French resistance fighter and second in command. She’s smart, strong, badass, and brave…She dies in the line of duty, but not before showing her heroism by standing up for her fellow soldiers.”


Zelda (The Legend of Zelda
“She’s the traditional beautiful big-breasted blonde video game character. But the best part? She lives in a world with fairies, dungeons, and puzzles—now that’s just plain sexy.” 


Lulu (Final Fantasy X
“She knows black magic. ’Nuff said.”


Nariko (Heavenly Sword
“She’s Japanese; her outfit is half badass, half runaway Grecian stripper; and she carries not one but two swords.”


Lara Croft (Tomb Raider
“Female Indiana Jones, but kicks ass on a much more regular basis.”

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