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App: 17+
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Star Rating: 
4 out of 10

First you download the game, then you spend the money.

The Pitch:  Pacino’s own image accompanies the scenes and sounds of the movie in this touchscreen friendly RPG/Sim that mixes everyone’s favorite cubano (Sorry, Fidel) with all the good and bad of a game like Mafia Wars, minus the annoying Facebook notifications.

What It Really Is: A ploy to get you to pay real money for fake cocaine. We should’ve known better than to try a free Scarface game, the first taste is always free. Scarface for the iOS does have some high points; scenes from the movie, familiar dialogue and Pacino himself lend, dare we say, charm to this app. Unfortunately, the gameplay proves to be a real downside here. Scarface is boring. Most of your crime is done via simple taps as you thoughtlessly follow instructions given to you by anyone within earshot. This is no way for a kingpin to operate. Actual choices are minimal, the necessity for skill is non-existent and any progress-induced fulfillment you get from the game is undone when you run out of points, forcing you to wait for them to refill or pump real money into the game. In the end, Scarface feels more like a novelty app than a game, especially when you’re asked to spend “product” to get things done faster. That’s a tried and true strategy, whether you’re building a taco stand or furiously trying to make that Scarface app review deadline. Ready-Made Press Blurb:Scarface made us feel like a kid on a very WHITE Christmas.”

Fun Fact: The Scarface movie came out almost 30 years ago in 1983, creating a cultural phenomenon and a huge market for dorm room posters.

Who’s It For: People with GameCenter accounts...because, unlike so many other games with GameCenter compatibility, this one actually requires it. Lovers of Pacino’s lispy Cuban accent and people who refer to their unit as “their little friend” should probably get in line too.

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