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There’s something a little cliché about a hot blonde Hawaiian who’s into surfing…and we’re perfectly OK with that. Twenty-three-year-old Kauai native Alana Blanchard began surfing competitively at age nine and has been winning professional contests since 2005. Mix in her recent swimwear collaboration with Rip Curl bikinis and Alana is far from your average beach bum. Read on to find out the secret reason she likes small bikini bottoms. (Hint: It’s the same reason you do.)

When did you start surfing?
When I was four my dad started pushing me in. He loved surfing his whole life, and I think growing up on Kauai sort of added to that. We’re this little island surrounded by ocean, and there’s not much to do, so I kind of just stuck with it.



What else do you get up to on Kauai?
A lot of the local guys go hunting for wild boar, and—

Boar?! Have you ever caught one?
It’s more of a guy thing, but I actually want to go. You’re hiking in the jungle, and I think it would be kind of cool, but I don’t know if I could handle seeing a pig get killed. It’s pretty gruesome.



Between surfing, jungle hikes, and roaming boar, Kauai sounds like paradise. Any downsides?
It definitely can get boring. There’s not much to do but go to the beach. No nightlife whatsoever. People just go and drink on the beach.



How do you feel about surfing not being included in the Summer Olympics?
It sucks. Sometimes the waves go flat, and I’m sure they have a schedule, but I feel like there’s a way they could make it work. I definitely think it will happen.



On top of surfing, you’ve collaborated with Rip Curl on a bikini line. Any advice for guys buying swimwear gifts for their girlfriends?
The smaller, the better! No, just kidding. Every girl looks different in a bikini, so you have to see what she likes to wear, then combine that with what you’d want her to wear.



What about guys’ swimwear? Can we get away with a Speedo?
Those Olympic swimmers can, but usually when you see a guy down on the beach in a Speedo, you kind of laugh. And I don’t think you could really surf in one.



Speaking of guys, you must get a lot of pickup lines.
I was at a stop sign once, and this kid said, “Do you work at Subway? Because you just gave me a footlong.” I thought that was funny.



So you obviously went out on a date with him.
Oh, definitely.



Since surfing is clearly a great workout, what part of your body are you most proud of?
I guess every girl from Hawaii loves her butt, so it’s my butt. That’s why we all wear those small bottoms!  



Check out Alana’s Web series, Alana: Surfer Girl, on YouTube.



Alana Blanchard