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What can you tell us about LOOK? 
LOOK is a new drama shot entirely from the perspective of surveillance cameras following several interweaving story lines. As viewers, we watch these characters in their public and private lives, and learn with today's technology nobody's secrets are actually secret. It’s shot to look as if it was real footage pulled from an average city following everyday, average people. 

Tell us about your character, Molly. 
Molly is an innocent girl in high school that hooks up with the typical bitchy and popular “mean girl,” Hannah. Hannah makes Molly her project—the mission, of course, is for Molly to lose her virginity, and fast! I don't know how much I can say, but a sext here, a sext there, booty dances uploaded to YouTube and then ultimately a sex tape...everyone's secrets are revealed. 

How do you feel about security cameras invading your privacy? 
Most important lesson learned: Keep your panties on in the dressing room, ladies! Apparently it is legal in 37 states for surveillance cams to be monitoring shopping mall dressing rooms. The show is totally current in regards to right now, people are so quick to record themselves and their friends—everywhere they go and everything they do. Between cell phones, flip cams, social networks, YouTube, and digital cameras, people are making their private lives more accessible to the public than they are aware. 

It looks like this photo shoot had the same vibe as the show. 
Yes! For Maxim, I had a blast using the surveillance theme. Within the shoot I was taking photos of myself, making videos on my laptop, and even making a video in the bedroom! We really pushed the limits. I had lots of fun with the vibe—more than I would have had it just been if it were a shoot of, “Hey! look at me! I look hot in a bikini!” 

CatchLOOK on Showtime late night starting Oct. 10th! 

Ali Cobrin