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We keep it classy to sweep the Drop Dead Diva stunner off her feet.

You’ve worked as a model and you play one on TV. Do we even have a chance?
I actually like the underdog. It’s attractive to me, because I feel like those guys have had to de­velop some serious intelligence and humor that others haven’t.

So Between your Two and a Half Men costars, You’d be more into a Jon Cryer type than a Charlie Sheen?
Ha, yeah! Jon Cryer’s character is definitely more my type.

Whew! So where can we take you?
I’d love to go to a nice Italian restaurant for spaghetti and meatballs.

Are we having some red wine? Yes! It’s my go-to drink. Everything about wine is kind of sensual, like the bottle and uncorking it and smelling it. Even though it sounds snotty, I think knowing your wine is very attractive.

You played a stripper on Kath & Kim. How about heading over to the strip club?
If we were in a relationship for, like, a year and were like, “Let’s do something crazy!” I’d be totally down for that, but as a first date I don’t think I’d appreciate it.

What about a regular club? I mean, I love to see Mikhail Baryshnikov dance, but guys in a club? I don’t think there’s any right way to do it, and it’s always a little weird.

So if our dance moves won’t impress you, what will?
This is old-fashioned, but I love when men open the car door for me. A good tipper is also really attractive. I love beautiful, old-school manners. Let me be the girl, and you be the guy.


Birthday: July 30, 1980

Hometown: Manteca, California

Past Role: Kandi, Jon Cryer’s dim ex-wife on Two and a Half Men.

Current role: Sexy Stacy on the Lifetime dramedy Drop Dead Diva.

Unconventional crush: John Malkovich

Unconventional hobby: Knitting. “If I have a lot of time on my hands, everybody will get a Christmas scarf!”

She’s new to Twitter: “I’m looking for some online friends…but that doesn’t sound very sexy!” @aprilthebowlby

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