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Birthdate: May 12, 1988

Origin: London, UK

Where You’ve Seen Her: April has been shooting steamy magazine spreads for a few years, including Maxim UK back in May. She’s also been known to have her honor defended by none other than Sean Bean at London bars. And if Ned Stark likes her, she’s cool by us.

Her Advice to Guys on Approaching Women: “However confident a girl may seem, she can always make do with a boost. If you approach a girl in gentle manner to tell her she is looking beautiful, she will most likely appreciate this from whomever the compliment comes from.”

Her Dealbreaker: “An arrogant guy who is never satisfied in what he has.”

The Difference Between British and American Guys: “British guys are quite well mannered but they are more reserved than the Americans who appear to more relaxed and up for a laugh. Actually I go quite weak at knees for a male American accent.”

Her Signature Drink: “I love to have a good cold wine with a cheese board beside it.”

April Summers