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She plays a smokin'-hot cheerleader on Glee and she's out for a month of May-hem. 

Taco Belle

I never realized how much I like Mexican food before moving to L.A., because I'd spent my whole life on the East Coast. But since I came here, I've gone crazy, whether it's higher-end places or taco stands on the side of the road. I'm excited to celebrate Cinco de Mayo here!

Bring on the Fart Jokes
I saw the first Hangover half a dozen times, so I'm psyched for the third one. I really like dumb boy humor.

Hold On a SEC
I grew up going to Atlanta Braves games, but I'm more of a SEC football fan. My sister went to University of Georgia, my parents went to Florida, and my best friend's fiance was the quarterback at Alabama. It's like a religion in the South.  


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Becca Tobin