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VIDEO: Brit Morgan: Ferociously Sexy

You’re starring in the sexiest show on TV. Where can we even meet a girl like you?
Actually I get hit on in my car more than anywhere else! I’ve got a pickup truck, so I don’t know what guys think. It’ll always be the whistle and then some weird nasty call out their window. Like, am I supposed to pull over?

Yes, please! OK, so if we are the ones driving, where can we take you?
I’m a sucker for anything outside, especially the ocean. I’d love to go to one of those seafood shacks they have down at the beach and just eat some good food, have a glass of chardonnay, and get to know each other.

Sounds like you’ve raised the bar since your Jersey days.
Well, if I were back home at the Jersey Shore, that would be amazing. We’d get some funnel cake and go down to the boardwalk. I had a lot of dates there growing up.

Now that you are a grown woman, what’s your type?
Anyone who has, like, a blue-collar, rocker vibe. That’s automatically a turn-on for me, but the guys I date are usually very funny and super smart and, you know, definitely have a nerd in them. I like that, though!

VIDEO: Brit Morgan: Ferociously Sexy

Who would make a better date: a vampire or a werewolf?
Without being biased, I think a vampire would be a more lustful, sexier date. But a werewolf would make a better boyfriend, so it depends on what I was looking for.

So will we be getting a kiss?
Yes, of course! Just a kiss, though…


Birthday: September 24, 1987

Hometown: Marlton, New Jersey

Current role: Werewolf Debbie Pelt on True Blood

Don’t confuse her with: Britt Morgan. “I’m aware she’s a porn star. That’s why I dropped a t.”

Current girl-crush: Mila Kunis. “I think she’s kind of the shit.”

Favorite band: Radiohead. “I love the song ‘Fake Plastic Trees.’¿”

Favorite body part: “My legs. I used to think they were too long, but I’ve learned to appre­ciate them.”

Last meal: “I would definitely have a cheeseburger.”

VIDEO: Brit Morgan: Ferociously Sexy

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