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As the Beauty of Russia pageant winner, what kind of guy are you looking for?
Someone who is strong, smart, and confident. Except that in the end, I will still fall in love with the complete opposite  of what I just said.

So dumbasses like us have a chance?
Well, no. I majored in sociology at Moscow State University, so I enjoy being able to discuss philosophical issues.


What do you do for fun?
My idea of fun has led to uncomfortable situations.

Like what?
Once I tried surprising a boyfriend by wearing lingerie under a fur coat. I’m thinking he’s taking me to his house, but he says he has a surprise for me!


He also had lingerie on under his jacket?
No, worse. He told me that he had booked us a table at the best restaurant in town! I told him I forgot something at my place and needed to go back. Imagine how I would look sitting there in my lingerie!

Oh, we’re imagining it already…

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Daria Konovalova