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The reigning Hometown Hotties winner is Maxim's Sexiest Girl Next Door!

Congrats on becoming our first Hometown Hottie cover girl!
I found out I’d won five days before I graduated college and thought I couldn’t get better news. Then I get the call for the cover, and I was like, Man, I am one lucky girl!

VIDEO: Check out Dominique Behind-the-Scenes

Any calls from ex-boyfriends?
My last relationship ended six months ago, so I can only imagine the guy picking up this magazine and being like, "Damn, I used to date her!" Now I’m single and loving it.


Do you go for a specific type of guy?
I love adventurous guys. I have an older brother, so I’ve hung out with boys my whole life. I’ll go do sports with them, eat bad food, get up and do it again. I like guys who are not afraid to get dirty.


VIDEO: Meet Maxim's 2011 Hometown Hotties Winner


Is there anyone you’d like to meet during your reign?
Howard Stern! I just admire him. Or Mila Kunis—she’s my girl crush for sure.


As a Florida native, got any tips for guys heading there for spring break?
That’s when you drink the whole chemistry set, so be sure to hydrate!


Have any spring break stories of your own?
Jumping off of a waterfall topless in Puerto Rico is a memorable one.


We don’t suppose you took any pics.

Dominique Storelli