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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley-

Check out some delicious interview bites with these sexy foodies of Maxim!

Do you miss the food in England?
Oh, my God, so much! I find it strange that people say English food is so bad. To me it's delicious. I've never really considered it, but I was thinking the other day maybe it's strange to have beans on toast for breakfast.

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Yvonne Strahovski-

What do you miss about your homeland?
I love Australian chocolates, but I can't have them, because I'm not eating sugar these days. So I sniff them to get my fix.

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Was the food very different [in Italy]?
Day and night. The Italian food out there is organic and fresh and light. They don't even have penne a la vodka!

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Lake Bell-

Last meal?
Anything with butter.

Worst phobia?
Not being able to find butter for my last meal.

Favorite lake?
One of the Land O'Lakes? (Butter.)

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Jacqueline MacInnes Wood-

What's your guilty pleasure?
Eating salt-and-vinegar chips and watching late-night infomercials. 

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Natalie Martinez-

What [are your] guilty pleasures?
I don't really feel guilty about anything... But I am obsessed with Korean barbecue. 

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Joanna Krupa-

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Just chocolate, candy, and molten cake!

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Bérénice Marlohe-

Does a Maxim man stand a chance [with you]?
If they know how to cook, how to do Thai massages, how to…a lot of things, actually.

What should we cook?
Thai stuff and Italian. Real Ital­ian pasta, like grand­mothers do. And desserts, too. Very important.

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Eva Longoria-

What’s your go-to junk food?
I’m from Texas, so I like Tex-Mex, which is a little bit different from Mexican. 

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