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Only a year after her debut, Strikeforce stunner Kelli Hutcherson is making the MMA brand synonymous with sexy. Born and raised in Southern California, the blonde beauty was scouted by Rockstar Energy Drink to work a fight, which just so happened to be Russian badass Fedor Emelia­nenko’s first loss in nearly 10 years. Organizers noticed that eyes were wandering outside the cage, and Kelli was soon crowned Miss Strikeforce 2011. Now this ring girl—whom you can catch on the next Strikeforce event, June 18 on Showtime—is ready to take center stage.

VIDEO: Kelli Hutcherson gets even hotter

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Congratulations on your first Maxim shoot!
Thanks—this is really a dream come true! Between this shoot, modeling, and all the Strikeforce stuff, it’s been a busy year.

Were you an MMA fan before you became a ring girl?
When I began working for Strikeforce, it was more of a casual thing, but now I’m a full-on fan. When I’m ringside I have to sit on my hands; otherwise you’d see me on TV acting the fool!

Yup, there are definitely a lot of people watching you watch the fight. What’s the craziest matchup you’ve seen?
Honestly, the craziest one I’ve ever seen was a women’s fight. My heart just broke watching Cris Cyborg beat the living crap out of this really pretty girl, Jan Finney. The ref should’ve stopped it after one round, but it went on, and her face was just…Oh, my God, it was so sad.?>

VIDEO: Kelli Hutcherson gets even hotter

So you have no plans to step into the cage?
I’ve done some kickboxing, but I really stay in shape by running and taking dance classes. I’ve learned some moves by watching, though. I could put someone in a triangle choke if I had to.

Well, better be nice to you! So what body part are you most proud of?
Everyone is, like, obsessed with my ass! It’s this random thing, because I’m so skinny and then they’re like, “Whoa, there, you have a nice butt. What is that?”

VIDEO: Kelli Hutcherson gets even hotter

How is it working with three other girls? Any catfights?
For some reason there’s always one bitch in my group. Some girls who show up are total divas, and it makes me laugh. There have only been a few times when I had to lay down the law. A lot of the girls who come through give out their numbers and are texting the fighters, and I’m like, “That’s fine, but just know you won’t ever work for us again.” The number one rule for Strikeforce is that the ring girls are not allowed to hook up with the fighters, because if they’re distracted, we’re busted.

VIDEO: Kelli Hutcherson gets even hotter

Come on, haven’t you ever at least been tempted?
Not at all. I did meet Randy Couture a little while ago, and he was so nice and appropriate; he even stopped an interview to say hi to me. I called my boyfriend and was like, “Dude, Randy Couture just called me out. It was awesome!”

VIDEO: Kelli Hutcherson gets even hotter


Hometown: Placentia, California
Birthday: May 8, 1989
Guilty Pleasure: Spending money. “I’m always buying clothes, purses, just crap!”
Not-so-Guilty Pleasure: In-N-Out Burger. “My order is a Double-Double with chili peppers, fries, and a strawberry shake.” Favorite Fighter: Fabricio Werdum. “He’s facing Alistair Overeem on June 18. I’m so nervous!”
Biggest Talents: Skateboarding and snowboarding. “I always say I can keep up with the boys.”
Biggest Turn-Offs: “Bad breath and creepy toenails!”

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